Canon imageFORMULA DR-4010C Color Departmental Sca

The DR-4010C scanner was built for up most productivity, with 100-sheet ADF at rapid speeds of up to 42 ppm and 84 ipm in color just as quickly as in black and white, your documents are scanned in seconds. This scanner easily handles a wide variety of document sizes from business cards to legal size document and up to 39" in long document mode. With its ability to handle a range of document types and sizes, the DR-4010C scanner provides the utmost document scanning flexibility.

The DR-4010C features a versatile dual paper path designed to accommodate diverse document types. The default U-turn paper path handles batch scanning at high speeds, while a straight paper path provides the flexibility to scan plastic cards, fragile and thick documents. Fine lines and intricate image details are captured with utmost precision and clarity thanks to the DR-4010C device's advanced scanner technologies. The 3-line sensor combined with the pinpoint color matching of the 3-Dimensional Color Correction chip reproduce exceptional vivid 24-bit color images. The DR-4010C desktop scanner is packed with advanced image processing features to boost your scanning efficiency. For fast, unattended batch scanning, this scanner automatically detects page size, skips blank pages, straightens skewed images, and rotates images that are sideways or upside down, and much more. The DR-4010C scanner is equipped with Automatic Color Detection for easy, low-maintenance scanning. By detecting color, it eliminates the need to separate black-and-white and color documents prior to scanning. For added value, the DR-4010C comes bundled with Canon's CapturePerfect, Adobe® Adobe® Standard and a full featured ISIS®/TWAIN driver. The DR-4010C has been tested for compatibility with many of the industry's leading electronic document management solution providers.
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The DR-4010C employs an advanced 3-Line CMOS CIS sensor to achieve ultra-fast color scanning at the same rapid rate as black-and-white - 42 ppm in simplex or 84 ipm in duplex.
Features Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection to prevent lost images and ensure that every page of even large batches of documents is scanned.
The Rapid Recovery System allows you to reposition the document and seamlessly continue scanning should a misfeed occur - only complete image data is sent to the PC.
NEW! The DR-4010C employs a new Driver Interface Design. For enhanced user friendliness the new interface incorporates tabs for each settings dialogue.
In addition to a full-feature ISIS/TWAIN driver, the DR-4010C comes bundled with CapturePerfect 3.0 and Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Standard - giving you total control over scanning from start to finish.
NEW! It is no longer necessary to separate color and black & white document prior to scanning with the DR-4010C. The Auto Color Detection feature makes this a thing of the past.
Select a color range to remove from the scanned image with Custom Color Dropout for improved OCR results.
NEW! Advanced Text Enhancement II is a newly added capability to the DR-4010C's scanning modes. This feature will enhance light colored text on light colored backgrounds.
NEW! When scanning thin documents, the texts or drawings on the backside may be visible on the scanned image. The Bleed-Through-Prevention/Background-Removal function will prevent these unnecessary images. In addition, this function removes the background noise from black & White, grey scale, or color scanning.
NEW! Unwanted Moire patterns may be prevent using the new improved Moire Reduction Function.
Automatically remove black dots from a document with binder holes for a more readable, cleaner-looking image with Punch Hole Removal Function.
NEW! The Shading Mechanism has been redesigned with the white material coated directly to the surface of the scanning glass to avoid any dust from coming between the sensor and the shading material. This means that the scanning sensor moves to the shading position instead of the shading plate moving.
NEW! Featuring an extra wide scanning sensor of 9.3", which is wider than the maximum allowance of the document guide (8.6"). Even if a letter-size document is skewed, the DR-4010C will scan the complete image without cutting the corners of the image.