Canon DR-5060F Hybrid Document Scanner

Canon's DR-5060F - The Scanner with a Photographic Memory. In one simple operation, you get the security and legal acceptability of microfilm storage. Plus, you get the digital convenience of high-speed, PC online access. No single technology or machine has succeeded in handling all aspects of document capture, storage and retrieval. Representing a category of one, Canon's DR-5060F is the first high-speed, high-volume desktop scanner to combine the best of both digital and analog worlds, in one affordable, space-saving unit. In today's digital economy, businesses rely on advanced information technology to carry them into the future. Even the most sophisticated data storage technology can have a limited life span. Technology may change, but the DR-5060F will keep your important documents secure for at least 100 years. If anyone knows the secret to long life, Canon does. A world leader in imaging technology for over 40 years, Canon's superior reputation for reliability is very well documented.
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100-page-per-minute scanning/filming speed.
The assurance of high-quality text, graphics, and halftones achieved through high-resolution image quality and 256-levels of grayscale.
Automatic Document Feeder - stack up to 500 sheets at a time.
Automatic page size and thickness adjustment allows you to mix together several batches of multi-sized documents.
Automatic Skew Correction re-aligns any skewed pages prior to scanning
Double Feed Detection prevents overfeeding problems.
User Friendly - One-touch user-controls and programmable function keys.
Multiple Modes - Scanning, Filming, simultaneous Film/Scan modes, or automatic two-sided digital scanning. Quickly create 16mm film-based archives for long-term storage, and digital files for online access from a wide range of applications.
A variety of indexing options are available to enhance image-retrieval.
Compatible with most software applications - comes bundled with ISIS®/TWAIN drivers as well as a Scanning Utility with Canon driver for Windows® 95/98/2000 or Windows NT®/ XP
The standard SCSI II interface allows simple connection to leading controllers while a variety of hardware options let you configure the scanner with indexing capabilities for enhanced productivity.
Imprinter option uses an inkjet cartridge to print user-specified information on the front of a document as it passes through the scanner, or electronically imprinted on corresponding image data.
Endorser option - easily installed on top of the scanner, prints dates or other verification information on the back of each sheet after scanning. A movable stamp feature makes it easy to position endorsements in the proper place.
Bar Code Decoder - this option enables the scanner to recognize bar-coded areas on scanned pages, automatically creating indexes for easy retrieval of individual files. Includes scan settings for the following bar code formats: UPC, EAN/JAN, Codabar, Code39, Code128, and ITF.
Patch Code Decoder option automatically separates files whenever a patch code is detected on documents or function sheets. By sending a file separation signal directly to a PC, or to both PC and Filmer in Backup Mode, this option further optimizes high-speed scanning and filming.